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Best residential pressure cleaning experts in preparation for roof painting in Brisbane. Restore roof’s colour and improve the roof’s lifespan by getting it pressure washed and repainted.

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Home roof restoration and painting in Brisbane and surrounding areas for homes, offices and buildings

The roof of your home or building is an essential component that keeps you safe, dry and warm but often gets overlooked. Depending on what type of structure you are in, oftentimes the roof is not visible and if it is, then only partially so. When constructing a roof, it is expected to not need replacing for decades, however, that can vary greatly depending on a number of factors.

Firstly, if you’re living in an area that is heavily exposed to sunlight, then UV rays degrade the roof’s material. Similarly, located in an area with extreme weather, such as heavy rainfall, snowfall or strong winds, damage to the roof material that may lead to water leaks will take place over time. Similarly, if the location of the building is somewhere with poor ventilation, it can have the same effect.

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What we do when we restore and paint your roof

After we scale the heights of your home, villa, or office, we take our time to do a careful inspection. We ensure there are no leaks and cracks and if we find any we let you know immediately. We then clean the roof of dirt, leaves and debris and get about painting the roof to make it as good as new, before finishing off with some treatment and protective sprays to help make the roof’s aesthetic and condition last as long as possible. 

Why you should have your roof painted and restored:

  • Improving the roof’s look – if you care about how your home or place of work looks, then why stop at just the inside, driveway, or outside walls? The roof is just as important an aspect as the rest of them. So restoring and painting the roof can go a long way in bettering the aesthetic appeal.
  • Increasing the roof’s lifespan – restoring and taking care of the roof can increase the effectiveness of the roof, making sure it stays in good condition can save a lot of time and money in the future.
  • Obtain added value to your property – like with aspects of a home or building, if invested in a roof that looks good can add to the value of your property, so any money you invest in it now will be returned, hopefully with a profit, when you decide to sell and move on.
  • Preventative maintenance – catching leaks and faults early will go a long way in ensuring you don’t have to deal with any emergency in the future which could break the bank. Installing new roofs cost a pretty penny and preventative measures such as a new lick of paint and a clean can go a long way in ensuring you’re not confronted with a nasty surprise when you least expect it.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth power washing the roof before repainting?

High-pressure washing of your roof is not the best option for cleaning and can cause damage to the structure of a building. 

Soft washing, on the other hand, is a much better alternative. Use low-pressured, lukewarm water and a hard bristle brush to give it a thorough clean. The low pressure will not erode the protective coating of the roof.

Should I DIY paint my roof?

Though the outcome won’t be as good as if you call the professionals to do the job, you can repaint your roof yourself. When you do, just be sure to check the roof properly for any cracks or leaks before doing anything. It’s also recommended to give your roof a slight wash before painting, and look out for mildew or mould and get rid of it if you find any. 

Once you have removed all debris and dirt, make sure to use primer, paint, and finally apply some roof coating to protect the roof.