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When the sun comes out there’s no place better to enjoy it than the deck. It’s well known that restaurants and bars with outdoor decking and seating earn more during spring and summer than their deckless counterparts. 

A deck gives the opportunity to relax by the swimming pool, call friends and families over, and have a great Aussie bbq. And naturally, over time, your deck will show signs that it’s time for a good wash. Situated outdoors, your deck is exposed to the sun, rain and snow all year round and a little cleaning goes a long way in keeping it looking fresh and new.

At Brisbane Powerwash, we clean hundreds of decks, patios, and fences a year and know first-hand the difference a simple power wash can make. We always use safe pressure and combine water with biodegradable cleaning agents to ensure your deck materials are not exposed to any harmful chemicals.

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Why hire Brisbane Powerwash for patio, deck and fence cleaning

Patios and decks are often the heartbeat of your home during the summer months when you gather with all your people and enjoy each other’s company with the sun shining. So it is worth trying to make the area look aesthetically pleasing, warm and inviting, so that everyone wants to come to your deck to enjoy themselves. 

Brisbane Powerwash cleaning services will make your patio and decks barefoot friendly!

You and your kids can walk and run around without the thought of any rogue splinters, dirt and grime getting on your skin. We’ll also make sure that your fences are cleaned thoroughly to improve longevity and maintain your home’s security.

We customise all our cleaning solutions per the requirement of each job. So we will first ask to find out what you want and then check to see the materials you have on your deck, the condition it’s in, and customize the treatment accordingly. 

Our cleaning solutions remove stubborn stains often found on fences, decks and patios as well as mould, mildew, dirt and bacteria. Upon request, we can also get rid of stronger unwanted elements such as oil stains, grease, rust, battery acid and calcium to name just a few. Whether your decking is wood, tile, cement or stone, we’ll use our expertise to clean it up well and bring your home exterior back to life. 

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Our fence, deck and patio service and top quality products will help :

As most deck and patio is only used seasonally, it’s often overlooked and understandably so. However, over the course of the year, the accumulated dirt becomes more apparent, especially on wood fence and decks or patios made with wood. There are a number of benefits that come with power washing your property’s surfaces which include;

  • Removing mould, mildew, algae, bacteria, dirt and grime
  • Increase the longevity and lifespan of your patio and deck
  • Increase your properties curb appeal and value in the market
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a professional for deck washing?

Yes, you can clean your own patio, deck and fence and save some money. If the choice is between doing it yourself or don’t have it done at all, then you should definitely do it yourself. However, bringing in professionals does two things for you: it saves you time you can spend on other more important things, and it gets the job done to a higher standard. With our years of experience, professional techniques and high quality equipment, the end result if we do it is likely to turn out better than if done DIY.

Are you fully insured?

Absolutely. As a professional pressure cleaning business, we are fully covered and insured for all eventualities and possibilities. We strive to make sure that all our jobs are carried out accident and incident free however just to be sure, all our business practices are fully insured. 

Deck, patio and fence process:

Here’s what to expect when you engage Brisbane Powerwash to clean your house:

  1. Area inspection: we can check your premises in person, via photographs or via Google Earth
  2. We email you a quote and other information (i.e. recommended treatments)
  3. Book a suitable day/time
  4. On the day, we start by clearing the area of larger debris such as leaves and branches
  5. We will clean your house with the most appropriate method or combination of methods

Areas serviced by Brisbane Powerwash:

  • Brisbane Northside
  • Brisbane Southside
  • Brisbane Western suburbs
  • Ipswich area
  • Moreton Bay region
  • Redlands and Bay suburbs