Mould Removal and Sanitation Cleaning Brisbane

Remove mould on surfaces by pressure washing. Eliminate and prevent mould from coming back. Gutters, walls, and floors prone to mould in Aspley, Cleveland, Ipswich, Redland Bay, Sunny Bank, and other areas in Brisbane should be pressure cleaned regularly.

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Brisbane Mould Removal and Sanitation Cleaning Experts

A clogged or backed-up gutter can do a lot more damage to your home other than just looking unsightly. One of the best ways to get a thorough cleaning is to opt for a professional pressure wash for your gutters, and the best mitigation to an overflowing and infested gutter!

If your property is affected by flood, cleaning up should be done differently. Post-flood clean up should include santitation cleaning to make sure you get rid all hazardous materials carried by flood to your home. DIY cleaning is not recommended in this case. With flooding and overflowing drains, it’s best not to take a risk with sanitation cleaning.

One of the best ways to get a thorough cleaning is to opt for a professional pressure wash for your home exterior. This includes gutters, floors, driveways, and all other surfaces with mould.

Our experienced and friendly technicians are swift and efficient, and can handle mould removal needs in one visit. Book a mould removal and sanitation cleaning with Brisbane Powerwash today!

Before Mouldy Roof Pressure Cleaning

Why it’s recommended to pressure wash gutters

Pressure washing your gutters with a professional deep clean is like no other. DIY cleaning can be ineffective and difficult to do, as one needs to handle a hose and ladder simultaneously, and washing out gutters with just solution doesn’t always unclog the drains as needed.

Gutters can get clogged with sticks, debris, dust, ice, leaves and grease. Pressure washing can help remove contaminants, pests and unwanted chemical residue from your gutter systems.

Prevention is key to avoiding any issues, costly repairs or heavy-duty maintenance – a routine cleaning from our pressure washing experts can provide the swiftest, easiest fix to your overflowing gutter nightmares!

Our services include:

  • A deep dive into removing the debris in your gutter, ensuring all is clear before drainage checks
  • We then make sure your downspouts are not clogged with a thorough drainage check, and our technicians make sure to remove waste from your roof and landscape
  • DIY cleaning treatments could be limited to bleach, meaning a higher likelihood of grime, mould and pests returning. Brisbane Powerwash effectively treats any symptoms of mould, with a measured use of chemicals – safe for humans and animals – ensuring permanent eradication
  • Our professionals ensure proper disposal of all debris and waste keeping your landscape and yards spotless and clean!
Pressure Washing Mouldy Driveway
Before And After Pressure Cleaning Mould Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is gutter pressure washing?

Pressure washing services from a professional can remove even the most stubborn and unsightly of stains, grime and grease. Mould and algae soon become a tale unheard of with pressure washing and measured use of safe chemicals. 

Without professional cleaning, your house exterior risks damage and a more timely and costly cleaning job in the long run.

Can all types of gutters be pressure cleaned?

Mostly all types of gutters can be pressure cleaned. However, a professional and experienced pressure clean team would know the best pressure cleaning method and assess how strong the pressure washer should be. Expert pressure cleaners can clean both low and high-placed gutters. For a stubborn build-up, outside or inside, too much pressure may cause damage to the gutter. That’s why it’s best to get an experienced pressure washer since they know the best cleaning methods to use.

How do you pressure wash gutters?

We ensure safety above all in our professional gutter cleaning service – using the latest in pressure washing equipment, we can easily adjust as required for gutter cleaning. 

Our team uses safe chemicals, applies gutter cleaner fluid, and cleans the inside and outside of the gutters with technical sweeping motions, in the passes required to loosen debris and wash away grime and dirt. 

We rinse surrounding foliage, and ensure a safe protocol at all times in our power wash cleaning services!

Is it better to wash gutters with chemicals?

While just pressure washing can loosen dirt and unclog drains, and homemade cleaning solutions can help in reducing smells and grime, commercial chemicals with a pressure wash are the best way to ensure safe, clean, functional gutters. Our experts ensure the safe use of chemicals with special care to cover house exteriors, landscape and vegetation, ensuring nothing harms the surroundings during cleaning.