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Concrete cleaning for houses, apartments and commercial premises all over Brisbane and surrounding areas

Nobody judges the concrete path leading up to your home or place of work, however, a freshly cleaned pathway shows that you care for the little things, and as the saying goes, ‘a good first impression can work wonders’. 

Pressure Cleaning Concrete Floor

Why should you get your concrete areas cleaned by professionals?

Concrete is synonymous with durability which is why we use it when constructing buildings and paving roads. But over time, if not maintained correctly, the concrete will begin to crack and eventually need replacing, costing time and money.

A professional concrete clean will not just maintain the concrete and increase its longevity but also improve its aesthetics, commonly known as ‘curb appeal’ which can lead to added value when you look to sell your property. 

Professional concrete cleaning in Brisbane also reduces the number of times the cleaning is needed. Due to our specialised equipment and treatments, the clean look lasts for much longer and protects your concrete from constant wear and tear and all the elements. 

Our residential and commercial concrete cleaning will help :

  • Protect your concrete from bacteria, weeds, mildew and unwanted pests, all through a quick, eco-friendly fix  
  • Increase the lifespan of your concrete by getting rid of hazards that can crack your concrete, and by maintaining its durability 
  • Boost property value with thorough cleaning – well-maintained driveways, curbs and pavements are always a great selling point for any property 
  • Enhance the overall curb appeal and aesthetic; goodbye stains and grime!
Power Washing Concrete Walkway
Concrete Pressure Washing In Progress

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I DIY concrete washing?

Of course, everyone can DIY the routine weekend outdoor washing. However, when you have stains or unwanted growth or when things are just too dirty and grime, a professional clean will make a huge difference. For your routine washing, you can use the following household items:

  • Detergent – recommended for small stains, spots, and spills. If you mix some washing detergent with warm water and use a hard bristle brush, you can do a decent job of making that stain disappear
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar Mixture – two popular kitchen items with strong cleaning properties. This is a good solution for any area close to plants or soil as they are not corrosive as some of the other options
  • Soda – not the first cleaning agent which comes to mind, however, soda can be considered an alternative option when trying to get rid of certain spots and grime
  • Bleach – the strongest option of them all. Bleach can be a very effective cleaning agent, however, be sure to wear safety gloves, protective clothing, and closed shoes when handling bleach as any contact with skin can cause irritation and burns.

Is Brisbane Powerwash insured?

Yes, we are! Accident-free since we established our pressure cleaning business. With a qualified team and a continued insurance policy, we’re an all-in business and handled many concrete cleaning jobs in Brisbane and surrounds. We aim to cover all necessary certifications and protections for our services and our customers.

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Concrete Cleaning Process:

Here’s what to expect when you engage Brisbane Powerwash to clean your house:

  1. Area inspection: this can be in person, via photographs or Google Earth
  2. We email you a quote and other information (i.e. recommended treatments)
  3. Book a suitable day/time
  4. On the day, we start by clearing the area of larger debris such as leaves and branches
  5. We will clean your house with the most appropriate method or combination of methods

Brisbane Powerwash is committed to 100% client satisfaction. When you hire us for house washing, we aim for excellent customer service.

Areas serviced by Brisbane Powerwash:

  • Brisbane Northside
  • Brisbane Southside
  • Brisbane Western suburbs
  • Ipswich area
  • Moreton Bay region
  • Redlands and Bay suburbs