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The Best Roof Washing service in Brisbane, covering all suburbs in Brisbane southside & northside, Ipswich, Logan, Reland Bay and northern Gold Coast.

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Brisbane roof cleaning for houses, residential units, retirement villas

At Brisbane Powerwash, we help homeowners, strata, and retirement village managers with roof washing and cleaning. We can make your roof look brand new after our thorough deep cleaning process.

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Benefits of professional roof cleaning for your property

Brisbane Powerwash is an industry leader in roof cleaning, servicing all Brisbane suburbs, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redlands and surrounding areas.

Roofs can be affected by dirt, grime, algae, mould, lichen, moss and oxidation, leading to an increased risk of surface damage.

Brisbane Powerwash can clean all surfaces whether it be colorbond, concrete tile, terracotta and more.

Our roof cleaning service will help:

  • Enhance the curb appeal of your house and building
  • Increase your roof’s lifespan
  • Improve your home’s insulation
  • Remove all debris such as branches and leaves
  • Protect your health from unwanted mould growth
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Roof Cleaning Methods

At Brisbane Powerwash, we’re equipped to apply different methods of roof cleaning, depending on the current condition of the roof we are working on. Our main methods include:

  • Pressure washing
  • Soft Washing
  • Chemical Treatment (recommended for mould removal, safe for humans and pets)

In a lot of cases, roof washing will involve a combination of the above methods. We often start roof cleaning by hand picking larger debris. We may apply some water pressure to get rid of ‘sticky’ dirty such as animal droppings. Where there’s unwanted growth (such as algae and/or mould), we may apply a gentle chemical treatment to stop regrowth.

We only use chemicals (typically bleach) that are safe for humans and pets where it’s needed and we keep amounts to the minimum necessary. There’s overwhelming evidence that mould can be a health hazard and it’s important to treat the surface to stop any re-growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I DIY roof cleaning?

In theory yes, however, we strongly believe it’s a job for trained professionals who have experience and the right equipment. Being up on a roof and cleaning it can be very risky and time-consuming, if you don’t have the right training.

How often should I clean my roof?

The frequency depends on a few factors such as how close your roof is to trees, the intensity of bird and other wildlife activity, and the amount of rain you get. Most clients do it once a year or every two years.

Are you insured?

Yes, Brisbane Powerwash is fully insured.

Do you have safety equipment?

Yes, we have all the safety equipment for our staff to be able to work on your roof at any height.

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Brisbane Powerwash roof cleaning process

Here’s what to expect when you engage Brisbane Powerwash to clean your roof:

  1. Site inspection: this can be in-person, via photographs or Google Earth
  2. We email you a quote and any relevant information
  3. Schedule a suitable day/time
  4. On the day, we start by clearing the roof of larger debris such as leaves and branches
  5. We wash your roof with the most appropriate method or combination of methods

Brisbane Powerwash is committed to excellent customer service. When you hire us for roof cleaning, we want to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

Areas serviced by Brisbane Powerwash:

  • Brisbane Northside
  • Brisbane Southside
  • Brisbane Western suburbs
  • Ipswich area
  • Moreton Bay region
  • Redlands and Bay suburbs