How To Prepare Your Property For Sale Get Your Home In Tip Top Condition!

How To Prepare Your Property for Sale? Get Your Brisbane Home in Tip-Top Condition!

When the time comes for you to sell your Brisbane property, maximizing the appeal of the premises without spending a fortune often translates into higher profits for sellers.

Luckily, there are some simple, inexpensive things that can be done to enhance your property’s appeal to potential buyers. The small things can really make ALL the difference, leading to a quick sale and sometimes even increasing the selling price of your property.

Use this checklist to make sure your property is in its best form when viewers come through!

#1. Repair Anything That Needs to be Repaired

Normal wear and tear add up, especially if you have had your property for a while. This may be a door that squeaks or a leaking tap. While these are minor things, they must be fixed before viewers come through.

Go through your house room by room, writing down any repairs you need to do. Look for holes and dents in the wall or cracks in the floor. Kitchens and bathrooms are often a source of problems, due to plumbing and the presence of essential appliances.

Repairs and upgrades will really increase the value of your home. Or more importantly, the lack of repairs can drag prices down!

Pro tip: Start with visible repairs – the ones that are the hardest to hide and the easiest to spot!

#2. Declutter and Depersonalize

When you look at home photoshoots, you’ll notice that they have very little in them. This minimalistic approach lessens distraction, allowing the viewer to concentrate on the space, not what’s in them.

Take away things that make your home, well yours! This includes shoes, letters and keys by the table. Hallways must be clear of coats, toys (if you have children in the home), and other items. Apart from reducing distractions, you don’t want your viewers tripping over!

At the same point, you also have to depersonalize your property. This will allow your viewers to see themselves in the home and how they would live in the home rather than only seeing the home as yours. This includes taking down family photos and similar things. Let them imagine their life in the home.

While this may be hard for some families, remember that you want to make a sale, and you can put your pictures back up!

Decluttering Less Mess

#3. Improve Curb Appeal

You know that story that people ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ or that ‘first impressions don’t count’… Well, that does not work when it comes to selling real estate! People will absolutely judge your house by its first impression!

As soon as they arrive at your address, that wow factor – or lack of it – will add or take a few thousand dollars of your sales price!

The easiest way to enhance your curb appeal is to power wash the exterior surfaces, including walkways, siding, and your driveway. External walls power washing and professional driveway cleaning are good ways to remove stubborn dirt and grime without spending too much time or getting too tired. Another element of concern are your windows. Dust, mould and spiderwebs are all too common but can be effectively eliminated with expert window cleaning.

Your front garden is also a major component of the so-called ‘first impressions’. You can trim overgrown bushes, plant colourful flowers alongside your yard, and add fresh mulch to them as well.  

Repaint and repair your front door if needed, and ensure your outdoor lighting fixtures work. This will create a welcoming vibe for your viewers. You can also add a cute pot plant or a welcome doormat.

#4. Aromas in the Home

Smells can be good or bad, but even the good ones may not help sell your home. You have to remove any bad smells, though, such as the trash and pet beds, and clean the toilets, carpets, and any mustiness you smell. However, you cannot go overboard with the good smells because not everyone likes the intense smells!

Subtle, good smells are the best and key when selling your home. It has been proven repeatedly that subtle smells and property sales work hand-in-hand.

#5. Paint or Clean Your Walls

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home. However, painting can be quite expensive. So, it’s important to do a cost-benefit analysis first!

Painting is one of the most common things on a checklist to prepare your property for sale. The right colour will open a room and make it seem more spacious and breathable. Neutral colours can also help the buyer see their belongings in the home.

If you cannot manage to paint or have recently just painted, you can touch up scuff marks or remove stains with a sponge and warm water. Alternatively, you can use a duster to remove any hidden dirt. 

#6. Tuck Away Pet Stuff

We love our furry friends, but not everyone might feel this way! So, you have to ensure that their favourite items are not displayed when you have viewers. Things like litter trays, pet beds, and their toys should be put away.

You should also ensure that there is no pet fur and smells throughout the house. But don’t forget that you can tell your viewers that there are various spaces for their pets (if they have them).

#7. Show Off Your Storage

Potential buyers will be curious about storage space and will want to check out the cabinets and closets. So, you have to organize these spaces and ensure they are not cluttered. You don’t want things falling out when they open the closets!

When a viewer sees everything neat and tidy, it shows that you can take care of your things, and most likely, you took good care of your property.

In the kitchen, neatly stack your dishes, alphabetize your jars, and ensure all your mugs face the same way. In closets, your clothes should be hung neatly and folded in sets, and your shoes should be lined up as well.

Cluttered Storage

#8. Staging

You don’t have to spend much money on staging your home! A few updates to your home and décor hacks can really make it appealing to a potential buyer. Focus on certain rooms, such as the living rooms, main suite, bathrooms, and kitchen.

In the kitchen, you can put a bowl of fresh fruit on the countertop and set the table with linens and lovely dinnerware. For the living room, you can add a beautiful vase of flowers to the coffee table, and a eye-catching throw over the arm of the sofa. 

Add fluffy towels and a dish of aesthetic soap to your bathroom. You can put a book and teapot in your main bedroom on the side table. Simple artwork is another great way to enhance staging in all rooms.


When you’ve done everything, give your home a walkthrough. Imagine you’re a buyer walking through the house and how everything looks. Look at your furniture and any décor pieces you have, and adjust until the room looks visually pleasing. Ensure the curtains are neat and hang evenly.