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Benefits Of Roof Painting For Your Brisbane Property

One of the most important parts of our homes is often the most neglected part of our homes, the roof. The only times we think about the roof is if there is a leak or something goes wrong, however, given it protects us from all of nature’s elements, it’s worth ensuring we take care of it by taking small measures which can go along way and one of the most beneficial things you can do for your roof is painting it.

Roof painting and restoration acts as a sealant and will add an extra layer of protection against the elements. And let’s face it – in Brisbane, we have storms, dust, animal droppings, leaves and branches all falling over our rooves!

What are the benefits of painting your roof?

There are a number of benefits which come with painting your roof and some of the best ones include;

1. Reduces leaks and roof damage

With your roof constantly being bombarded with rain, snow, UV rays and wind, over time it starts to deteriorate, and eventually small cracks appear. Those cracks then grow larger and eventually begin to leak moisture into your home. Depending on the type of roof you have and if you have an attic or not, it can often take a long time before a leak is spotted by which time significant damage can be done.

Fixing a faulty and leaky roof can prove to be a costly affair as you have to hire professionals and pay for their time, materials and expertise. Painting your roof is more of a preventative measure as opposed to a solution. The paint acts as an additional layer of protection which in turn reduces the risks of damage and leaks. 

Roof Pressure Wash Completed Client Picking Roof Tile Color

2. Prevents algae and lichens

Homes which are exposed to high levels of rainfall or moisture through humidity, often find their roofs develop mould, algae and mildew through the accumulation of moisture which penetrates the roof tiles and festers. Homes close to the sea, with high salt content in the atmosphere, can also experience roof tiling rusting. These factors can eventually be a health hazard to those who live there and certainly contribute to the need for tile replacement earlier than necessary. A coat of paint protects the tiles from being penetrated by the water, therefore increasing the lifespan. 

3. Increases the lifespan of your roof

Due to the protective properties of roof paint, the tiles of your roof last longer as the paint acts as a shield from the atmospheric battering it takes on a daily basis. Due to the paint resistance, the roof also holds its aesthetic look for longer, giving your home an overall better appeal. This can further translate into increasing the value of your home, as these minor details such as a healthy and consistent roof, freshly painted fences, and well-preserved driveways, all add extra value to your home on the real estate market. 

What types of roof paint should you go for?

There are a few different types of paints you have to choose from when painting your roof tiles.

  • Masonry waterproof roof paint – this is the most commonly used roof paint worldwide. It’s great for absorbing water and chemicals, keeping the material of your roof tiles safe. It’s also an excellent combatant of fungal growth such as mold and mildew. The paint is also environmentally friendly and proves to be great value for money
  • Epoxy paint – If you live in an area where there is regular and heavy rainfall then the epoxy solution is suitable for your roof. This option is thicker than most paints which makes it quite durable and excellent at stopping water infiltrating your roof
  • Acrylic paint – Another strong waterproof option is the acrylic paint. It’s highly durable and also is very quick drying and easily accessible. 

How To Paint Your Roof

Roof Pressure Washing Moffat Beach

Painting your roof doesn’t involve too many steps; however for that reason, it is imperative that each step is carried out thoroughly. Firstly you must make sure your roof is clean. This can be a time-consuming task as there can be many leaves and stones stuck in various places. You also have to ensure any fungal growths are removed. It is worth sweeping your roof with a brush, washing it down and then scrubbing it before moving on to the next step.

The next step is finding any damage on your roof. You have to check closely to make sure you identify any holes, cracks or general damage in your roof before you paint it. Once you have thoroughly inspected your roof you have to set about repairing the damage. Depending on what the damage is you can either do this yourself, however, if the damage is bigger than your skill set, then you should call in a professional to take care of it.

Finally, once you have cleaned and repaired your roof it’s time to paint. Be sure to find the right paint for your roof, based on weather conditions and materials, and then apply the paint evenly and consistently. Be careful when you are up there painting and if you are not confident then call in a professional to carry out the entire process.


Should I paint in the rain?

Even though the paint you will apply is waterproof and designed for the rain, it is strongly advised not to paint the riles if it has already rained or is raining. The tiles should ideally be dry before you apply the paint and need at least a few hours to dry so be sure to check the weather forecast and paint accordingly.